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India: the Country of Diversity

India: the Country of Diversity The wonderland of India located in South Asia. The vast country, which is the home of 1.2 billion people, is surrounded by the Indian ocean, Arabian sea, and Bay of Bengal, and shares borders with countries such as Pakistan, China, Myanmar and Nepal. With its culturally diverse population, unique architectural […]

Anger Management in 4 Steps

Anger Management in 4 Steps Anger is a natural and normal human emotion, in case, it is controlled. Otherwise, it can get unhealthy and destructive. Ignoring and suppressing your anger is not a good strategy for controlling it, but you need to seek safe outlets. Here are some simple steps for controlling your anger: See […]

6 Reasons to Visit Istanbul

Istanbul, the transcontinental capital of Turkey, is a popular destination for tourism, not just for the Turkish but for people all around the world. Here are some the of the WHYS you need to visit Istanbul:   Ays Sofya and Blue Mosque Aya Sofya’s importance is due to its fabulous architecture, as well as rich […]

Simple Ways to Deal with Stress

    Sometimes, we overcome with stress and cannot get rid of it easily. Too many works, too many responsibilities, pressure at work and home make us prone to be stressed-out.   There are some simple ways that help you confront and control your stress:   Going out   Go walking or even biking outside […]

Simple Steps to Become a Free Spirit

Simple Steps to Become a Free Spirit Being a free spirit is defined differently for everyone but generally it means to free yourself of the predefined roles and accepted values, and follow your heart. Too much attention about what others think about you would limit your life choices as well as your mental and physical […]

Five Types of People You Need to Get out of Your Life

Five Types of People You Need to Get out of Your Life   There are some toxic people in your life who do nothing but worsen your life. While dealing with the challenges in your life, you do not have enough time to overcome toxic people’s behavior so you need to avoid negativity in your […]

South Korea Attractions

  Gyeongbokgung Palace Located in northern Seoul, Gyeongbokgung Palace is one of the most famous South Korea’s historical attractions. Gyeongbokgung Palace which is commonly known as Northern Palace was built in 1395 during Joseon dynasty. Although it was destroyed in Imjin War (Japanese Invasions, 1592-1598) and was abandoned for two centuries, it was restored by […]

Desert Tours in Iran

Travelling and visiting Iran’s deserts is one of the most popular attractions in Iran. You can explore the pristine nature of deserts during a day and at nights, the youngsters gather around the fire, while playing music and stare at desert’s mesmerizing sky. There are two main deserts in Iran: Dashte kavir and Dashte Lut. […]

Damavand Mountain

Damavand Mountain is a magnificent and exquisite mountain that mesmerizes the visitors with its majestic and glorious scenery. Located in Alborz, Mazandaran, the 5,609.2-meter mountain is the highest summit in Iran and the Middle East, also the highest volcano in Asia. Its significance goes beyond the real world and it plays an important role in […]

Positive Impacts of Playing Video Games

Positive Impacts of Playing Video Games   Nowadays, most parents are concerned about their children playing video games for long hours. They are afraid of the video games’ negative impacts on their children’s bodies and minds. However, they need to see the bright side of video games: playing video games can improve and enhance their […]